About Us

At Envy Nails and Spa, we built with a strong confidence in luxurious services and great customer satisfaction with affordable prices for women and men. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry. We are one of the National and International Award winning Nail Art Design competition. Our certified technicians are fully trained and artistically capable.

We are family oriented, we love our customers and wanted to make sure everyone visited our spa enjoy the most of their time and relaxing. We serve with free drinks such as red wine and soft drinks so you can enjoy your time while our technicians take care of your spa services.

We used state of the art technologies and invested our salon to meet your expectations, our technicians fully trained on sanitation, techniques, and all equipment are fully sterilized and compliant with state department health and occupational code.

we still continued to learn new technique, attended trade show to provide our clients with the most up to date products available, our main goal is to be the best in our field, and we are consistently setting the highest standards in quality care services. We are here to help you experience the best nail and spa care possible.

Our business depends on happy and satisfied customers and with positive feedback and “word of mouth” referrals that makes us more motivated to maintain our service standards. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you our clients and our friends for supporting us all these years.

Our Team Members
Envy Nail sand Spa:Our Team Members


Mr. and Mrs. Tran have been in the nail salon business for over 20 years. They started out as a nail salon technicians and grew experience in the industries and became nail salon investors. They built out new salon locations and hired certified staff to run it along with them for several years and sold it and continue build out as they expanding the Central Florida market.

Envy Nails and Spa are famous for upscale, state of the art, well-trained staff and free cocktail services. The important part of the business is the management team, Mr. and Mrs. Tran realized the importance of the employee royalties and they committed to accommodate and trained their staff how to engage and greet clients in a such professional manner and with their number one priority is customer satisfaction, they want to make sure everyone stepped in the salon will walked out happily can ever be.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Tran have a daughter starting to join college so they would love to spend more time with their daughter. In the mean time, Mr. Tran never stop from innovation, he still learned new techniques and attended many nail salon shows to showcased his expertise.

On behalf of Envy Nails and Spa, we sincerely grateful for every customers that trusted in our services and referred many friends and relatives to us for the past 20 years. Your trusts make us more motivated and innovated to products and services.

Mrs. Tran stand next to her daughter on the left and Mr. Tran stands on the far right. Next to Mr. Tran is very long loyal staff

Mr. and Mrs. Tran


At Envy Nails and Spa, we’re dedicated to excel our nail and spa services for our customers, finding the right staff members are very important and its quite a process. At many salon, they can easily hired anyone to come in and work for them. But at Envy Nail and Spa, we will sit down with our staff and want to learn more about their situation, family status and why they want to join us. Even though money is very important but we want to make sure that each newly member joined our team will work great with the team.

Nail and spa business are seasonal, depends on part of the year, it could be super demanding and sometimes it could be slow due summer vacation, school break and etc. But at Envy Nails and Spa, we’re always hiring for the right person to work in a growing business.

Our Team Members
The following are jobs that are available:

Part-Time and Full Time Certified Nail Technicians (Florida Certified Nail Technician Required)
Part-Time and Full Time Certified Massage Therapist (Florida Certified Massage Therapist)
Part-Time Front Desk Receptionist (College Student with exceptional communication skill)
Please give us a call to discuss about your career journey and looking forward to have you join our happy team!